THE PRITCHARD GROUP   Dr. Constance Jenkins Pritchard

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Dr. Constance Jenkins Pritchard founded The Pritchard Group in 1993.  Consultants with The Pritchard Group have expertise in a wide variety of organizational development and human resource areas, but do not deliver "off-the-shelf" services.  They customize training and consultation to meet the client's specific needs for the units or individuals in that organization.  The outcomes of our relationship will be a high quality product delivered on time and within budget.


The Pritchard Group provides business services in three main areas:  improving organizations (planning, teambuilding, change management, climate surveys), talent development and management (leadership , management and supervision, executive coaching, conflict, outplacement) and quality improvement (customer service, problem solving).  The Pritchard Group is well known for its interactive, educational, and just plain fun sessions for learning. 


In working with your organization, a consultant with The Pritchard Group will discuss you the outcomes you desire, your organizational needs, and the challenges you are facing.  After this confidential discussion, the consultant will present a proposal for your review and recommendation.  This initial assessment and project definition is usually completed at no cost to the client. 


Dr. Constance Jenkins Pritchard, principal and owner, has more than 25 years of experience in training and business.  She has presented seminars and workshops around the country and internationally.