Training & E-learning

Do you want to develop the people in your business or organization, but need some help?  The Pritchard Group can help with customized training services tailored to the needs of your employees and organization:  leadership, customer service, management, problem solving, retreat facilitation, teambuilding, strategic planning, change management, conflict management, time and stress management, and human resources specialties. 


Our clients report outcomes of stronger work teams, more knowledgeable and skilled employees, problem solving on real issues, and improved employee abilities and skills.  


The Pritchard Group can provide the Career Development Facilitator Training and Career Development Instructor Certification training in partnership with the National Career Development Association.  Learn more about these services by contacting Dr. Pritchard, who is an NCDA Master Trainer. 


Our skilled presenters and developers can provide you with training that is face to face, web based, and blended.  Our training is interactive and targeted to your needs.  Clients find our high quality materials add extra value for their training dollar! 


A customer in the health care industry made these comments:  "I truly was dreading this mandatory in-service, but the instructor always made it fun and enjoyable.  I was even comfortable talking in front of my peers." 

THE PRITCHARD GROUP   Dr. Constance Jenkins Pritchard