"If you don't know where you are going, you will not know when or if you get there." -- from Alice in Wonderland

Want to articulate clear goals for your company or department? Can't seem to get projects out the door? Are policies outdated and ignored? Strategic planning, operations improvement, or project management are processes that must be reviewed and updated regularly to remain current and competitive.


We provide organizational assessment, strategic and retreat planning facilitation, SWOT analyses, project management, process flow charting, climate inventories, focus groups, surveys, and process planning and implementation. We can use face to face, telephonic, webinars, and synchronous or asynchronous discussions for planning and implementation..


Our clients identify these outcomes:  

  • Clear priorities with focused employee action
  • Better use of human and fiscal resources
  • Improved decision making and communication
  • Increased business growth. 


Our customers have said:  "Very positive experience. . . . Helpful because it increased my understanding.  Excellent, professionally done; well thought out. . .  One of the best teambuilding experiences of my career!"

THE PRITCHARD GROUP   Dr. Constance Jenkins Pritchard

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