Dr. Constance Jenkins Pritchard

609-231-9059   doctor@pritchardgroup.com


THE PRITCHARD GROUP is a small business delivering high quality customized training and business services.


The Pritchard Group helps clients improve their bottom line through careful analysis, appropriate interventions, customized tools, and implementable recommendations in an environment of mutual trust and respect.   We base our consultations on data and information from your company.  We learn about you from face-to-face interviews, strategic plans, customer and employee surveys, and other sources. 


The Pritchard Group does not come to clients with preconceived notions of what must be done. Because we perform a careful and thorough assessment of your business needs and your environment, we partner with our clients in the improvement process.


The Pritchard Group believes strongly in the power of honest communications. We work to deliver more than we promise on time and within budget, and we strive to teach and empower clients. The Pritchard Group is dedicated to impacting positively each client's bottom line!  Learn more about The Pritchard Group by clicking here.